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Why do we give?

Although it is true that the church needs our financial contributions to continue its ministries, that is not why we give. We give to the church because it allows us to participate in the amazing things God is doing in our world.  We give because it is a joyful and natural response to the countless blessings we have received from God’s hand.  We give because it is in our nature to serve others with generosity and love.  Put simply, we give because we know that we belong to God.

We put God first when we tithe 5-10 percent of our income back to God through the church. Of course, we realize that some have been so richly blessed that they may choose to give more. Others, at various times in their lives, may find it necessary to give less. But our desire should be to give joyfully to further enable God’s work in Concord North Carolina and around the world.

Click on the “Pledge Calculator” button above for some examples of tithe amounts based on annual income.

How do we ensure that your gift is used properly?

The active participation and generosity of our church family increases the potential for our church to spread the gospel of Christ.  Because financial support is important to the mission of our church, our Session has created processes to encourage gift-giving, to receive gifts, and to use these gifts appropriately.

The Session is responsible for the creation of our annual budget, the operating budget.  Annual stewardship gifts are used to support this budget.  In the fall each year, members are encouraged to pledge their annual gift for the coming year.  Pledges help the Session better plan the growth of our church programs because of the financial assurance created by these pledges.

Often members of our church family give additional gifts beyond their annual pledge.  Some of these are memorials and honorariums.  Others are given for use with a specific program of the church or are undesignated gifts which allow the Session the opportunity to apply the gift where most needed.  You can learn more about these different options by clicking on the dropdown “Planned Giving” which can be found under “Giving” in the menu at the top of the page.

Ok, I am ready to make my pledge to First Presbyterian Concord!

Click on the “Make a Pledge Now” button and fill out the form below to email your annual pledge to our church office.  Clicking the link does not require you to actually pay any money today – it is simply a commitment of your desired annual tithe so that our church office can record and track it during the calendar year.


Make a Pledge Now

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