Montreat Meal Sign Up

Are you looking for a way to support our high school youth who are going to the Montreat High School Youth Conference? Is cooking one of the ways that you share God’s love with others? If so, then consider signing up to share a Montreat Meal! Feel free to sign up with a friend and cook together! Sign up here!

  • By signing up for a meal, you are signing up to cook and prepare a meal that we will pack with us in a cooler to take with us to Montreat. We put those meals in the freezer/fridge when we arrive and pull them out to eat during the week. We are especially thankful for a meal, with sides, and if you’re feeling extra sweet, dessert!
  • We have 10 people going to Montreat this year! This number includes our adult chaperones. Thanks for helping to fill those hungry teenage bellies.
  • As you plan your meal, please note that we have some special food needs. We have student needs for a vegetarian option and a gluten free option (serious gluten allergy).
  • We will leave on Sunday, July 22 in the afternoon. Please bring your meal to the church by noon on 7/22 and place it in the Davis Hall Kitchen with a label on it and any directions needed for de-thawing or further cooking. It also helps to know what ingredients were used, so we can double check them for our gluten free needs.
  • If you have questions about cooking a meal to share with our youth and as you consider the special dietary needs, please contact Rachel.

Thank you for signing up to bring a meal for our High School Youth Conference at Montreat. We are incredibly grateful for your help and generosity, which makes our week together a wonderful time as we share meals around the table, becoming better friends and growing together in our faith.